Saturday, November 06, 2004

Not much to say...

I haven't had much to say since last week. I have a post-election hangover, from all the ludicrous statements being bandied about. There's enough hate in this country right now to fuel a few extra wars -- and don't for a minute imagine that all of it is coming from the right. I find that, oddly, quite emotionally and mentally exhausting. I was going to use my personal soapbox here to go into detail, but I see that eeveryone else has been doing that ad infinitum, and I'm tired of reading it all, so I'm not going to contribute to it after all.


At 11:13 AM, Blogger chutry said...

Agree that partisanship seems stronger than ever. What I find amazing is that "both" sides seem to feel so embattled. Democrats and leftists feel embattled b/c they don't have any real power right now, other than the occasional filibuster, but Republicans and many conservatives do, too, and that's harder for me to understand. Repubs have both Houses, effective control over the Supreme Court, the presidency, and even control over many lower courts (we've had a Democrat as president for only 8 out of the last twenty-four years). I know that some changes in terms of gay marriage rights have gone in favor of "liberal-left" politics, and I get that it's pretty threatening for many Christians. Maybe all of this defensiveness is still part of the post-9/11 sensibility of feeling threatened.

At 12:24 PM, Blogger TerminalMFA said...

People I talk to say they feel attacked -- not by the passage of laws and changes in things like gay marriage (though I think that contributes to it -- i.e., the way society is changing) but rather in the rhetoric being flung like weapons back and forth. I think people feel that those on the 'other side' (and I say it that way so it reflects BOTH sides) think that it's impossible to debate the issues because 'my side is right.' In other words, there is no debate. You are wrong, and I am right. Your wrongness makes you despicable, evil, stupid... (substitute your own choice of words here, but it's all attack language).


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