Friday, July 08, 2005

Department Head Meeting

Started our big final meeting with all department heads today to review the script and make sure everyone knows what they need to know. We actually only made it through half the script before we had to break for some other meetings.

We have approval on most locations now, but there are a few still outstanding.

Casting is nearly complete.

Went to a large bargain basement-type place with production designers and costumer to get some outfits for the actors/characters. Huge place with lots of old/secondhand clothes. The characters are pretty quirky, so this kind of place is perfect. We found some awful stuff -- a shopping cart full of stuff for which we paid all of six dollars.

I have to say -- the production design team is doing really great work. I'm really pleased with the gusto they have for their work. There's still lots to do, but generally, I feel pretty good about where things are in terms of costumes, sets, etc.

We actually have our first shooting day tomorrow. The shoot officially begins next Thursday, but ac actor we wanted to use can only do the shoot on Saturday, and since we don't have him interacting with any of the other actors, it works out to just shoot his scene now. And it'll function as a sort of test-case/dry-run for the students. It's an easy day, just two or three set-ups, one actor, and some room for him to improv a little. I'm not really nervous, but I probably should be. And I should be working on my shot list, but I haven't picked it up for two days.

I'll be nervous the day all the lead actors arrive. Lots to do that day.


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