Friday, July 01, 2005

so tired

feeling veery fatigued the last few days. i started taking a new medication to (hopefully) reduce the frequency and intensity of my cluster headaches (a form of migraine). one of the side effects of this medication is, apparently, fatigue. i'm not really a high energy guy normally, and this hasn't helped. tonight, i'm really exhausted. i wish i knew how much of it was the meds. certainly that's contributing. but i also mowed the lawn and cleaned up the yard today in intense heat, which always takes it out of me. and i slept maybe four or so hours last night. so it's hard to blame the poor medicine. but as the shoot begins in less than two weeks, i really don't need to be experiencing fatigue like this.

anyway, things are happening with the film. casting is almost complete (just a few day-player roles to fill). locations are almost locked up (but i am concerned about having all the forms). got the clearance report from the script clearance company, and that raised a few red flags. their job is to warn you of anything that could potentially be problematic. they included dialogue references to celebrities (one of the characters makes a derogatory remark about a celebrity, but the character in question is deluded and mostly ridiculed for his idiocy. now, could a celebrity sue over that? i suppose he could. it seems a little far-fetched. i'm choosing to not worry about it. but there are a bunch of little things that are kind of annoying.

the lead actor's manager asked for the moon (financially). he asked for 10% of the film based on the fact that said actor is up and coming and could break if he gets into a few things, like a pilot he's up for. my response, ultimately, was that we weren't giving any more percentages out, and that given the actor's **current** status in the industry, we weren't prepared to pay any more than our initial offer plus a little more (all deferred).

i haven't heard a response but wasn't expecting to (he said he'd take a look at my response and talk to me after the holiday).

had a good talk with two of the three leads over the phone today. since we can't meet in advance, that's the way we have to do it. they really really get these characters. i love listening to actors think about and discuss the backgrounds of their characters as a way to really explore and get into the role. it's the way they do their job, and i find it fascinating because i'm so focused on my own role that i often don't think about HOW they do what they do.


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