Thursday, February 21, 2008

Well then...

I clearly have no excuses for my lack of posting. Being someone who is deep into my tenure track and a now more active filmmaker, I've just been too busy to maintain this blog along with my other blog (which is a public one, in my real name).

So -- no excuses, I've just been busy. I thought of shuttering this blog altogether, but it still gets as many hits as my other blog, just on the strength of the "MFA" in the title. There are a lot of people who come to this blog because they're searching for information on the MFA and whether or not it's a terminal degree. And I'd rather people keep coming here for that, because I'm an unabashed supporter of that idea.

Anyway, things have been going fairly well for me. The film that I was so worried about a while ago did well at festivals. While it didn't play at any of the biggies, it ended up winning several "Best Feature" awards, and it got invited to two pretty high profile fests (not the majors like Sundance, but still, they were significant invitations). The story isn't over for this film -- there are some release possibilities on the horizon, so I'm hopeful that something will happen soon.

I've since made another film, a short. And a second feature is in the planning stages. I'm feeling a little creatively overwhelmed by the new feature -- it's a larger project than my previous one, which is both exhilarating and intimidating...

Anyway, if you came here with opinions, frustrations, or questions about the MFA, fire away. I may not post often, but I'm still here.