Thursday, September 07, 2006

Long Time Away

Well, it seems I took a rather unintentional break fromn this blog, but I am back. I had a lot of stuff going on with the film, I started a public (i.e., "in my own name") blog and had to keep up with that, I was writing a new script, and I had gotten tired of my own festival updates on here.

But I'm back with new posts in part because I can't post about some of this stuff in my public blog.

As for the festival stuff, here's a brief update: the film has been accepted into over 10 fests now, and it has won some Best Feature awards, and it was accepted into one extremely selective festival, about which I'm very excited. So, while it hasn't yet launched a career by connecting me with people wanting to make future films, it has been a success, especially in terms of tenure/my vita. And, of course, the success in terms of making future films is still a possibility that's out there.

And, I've written a script for my next feature -- now all I need is some money to make it happen!


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