Friday, March 11, 2005

Spring Break Has Sprung

I'm unofficially on spring break -- I say unofficially because it's not like it's a national holiday. But hey, no classes, no need to be in the office, right.

So what did I do with my first day of freedom? I mowed the lawn. Only mid-March and the grass and weeds were already getting out of control.

Let me say -- I love having a house, and I'm really not a 'city' person who wants to live in an old brownstone. I like the idea of it, but not the reality. I like having a house that's out of the way, with a big backyard for the kids, etc.

But I hate mowing the lawn. I don't even know why; I just do. It's drudgery, and it reminds me how lousy I am at it, how much I really need to do for the lawn and the garden-y areas...

So at least I got it out of the way...

During the break, I really need to pick texts for two fall classes (I'm almost two weeks past the deadline already and just haven't had a free moment to do some reading)... and can I just ask why we need to pick fall texts in March? March?! I don't get that.

And I also need to work on finalizing the script for the film this summer. I have a few things I want to tweak and some scenes I've been wanting to add. I think I'm avoiding it because I'm not sure my new scenes will measure up to the existing ones.

I did finally get to watch I Heart Huckabees. I really enjoyed it -- it was all over the place and very unstructured, but it completely kept me involved with great characters and dialogue. I haven't been able to really process my thoughts on it since I watched it last week... it just left a very positive impression on me.


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