Sunday, May 08, 2005


Auditions this weekend... I can’t say they went well. We did see a few actors who weren’t a complete waste of time, but most of what we saw were third tier talent at best, and so flaky that I’m amazed they remembered they were actually auditioning. Why do actors audition if they aren’t available for the stated shooting dates? And I’m amazed at the number of people with actual acting credits on their headshots who couldn’t act their way out of the proverbial paper bag. Hope I never end up seeing a show they're in (sorry, that sounds really snarky, but I was very unimpressed).

I expect, minimally, that an actor will enter the audition with an interpretation of the character (they had the pages in advance). Now, I don’t expect it to be the RIGHT interpretation, but at least give me a take on the character. Then, I’ll give the actor some direction, and I expect to see some adjustment at that point.

Everyone we saw, with very few exceptions, was just reading. As in, they just read the lines, and I guess they think acting is the ability to read a script well.

Of course, as my producer pointed out, it’s a deferred-pay, three-week shoot that’s an hour or two from the nearest big cities in the state. But even so, I expected some decent talent. It’s a very good script, and a great opportunity for a fledgling (but talented) actor to get some exposure.

So – if any of you know any good actors, especially men in their 30’s who are character-actor types and who would do a three-week, deferred-pay shoot this summer (July and early August), contact me and let me know. I’ll give you more details (such as a script synopsis and the location of the shoot).


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