Friday, April 08, 2005

Nice Day, A New Opportunity

Such a busy day (and week)... I haven't had a chance to get on and blog. I was part of a panel discussion at an academic arts festival, and the other panelist was a former professor and sort-of-mentor of mine from my grad school days. We didn't suggest the panel together... it just worked out that way. As it ended up, I mostly sat and listened as this colleague gave most of the talk. Which was fine, really, as I hadn't prepared nearly as much as he had (he suggested the panel topic and had obviously given this talk before).

I gave a few insights towards the end. My first time doing this, so I was nervous (hence my being okay with him doing most of the talking!).

Afterwards, we sat down to catch up on old times. Surprise of surprises, he asked if I'd be interested in co-authoring a book with him. That took me by surprise. He was asking about my research interests. He knows my tenure consists mainly of creative work, so he was curious if writing a more scholarly book would be helpful to me (more like a scholarly/popular hybrid)... I am curious about this too and will speak to my chair, but I can't imagine it would do anything but help.

I felt honored... still thinking about it.

Gotta run.


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