Monday, July 11, 2005

All Fun and Games

AAP reminded me in the comments of my last post to try to remember to have a little fun while shooting the film. And he or she is right. I grouse a lot about my fears, anxieties, and concerns on here (what else is a blog for?), but I'm also really looking forward to this process. I question my own abilities. Not as a writer, or even with getting the performances I want. But when it comes to shot selection, I don't give it enough attention, and I wonder if I have what it takes. I'm worried about it.

This kind of film -- without going into specific details -- I can get away with not pre-planning the shots. But in order to maintain a certain style here, I'm kind of limited. Those limitations work since we're on a low budget and a tight schedule -- but still, I'm feeling limited and concerned.

The actors get here on Wednesday, which should be a hectic but exciting day. The production design team is doing some really nice work on costumes and some of the crazier props we need. So I am feeling pretty good overall.


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