Friday, September 23, 2005


i didn't get the fellowship. one of twelve finalists for five slots and i didn't get it. that certainly lifts your spirits. yes, i was a finalist. but somehow, i still feel like i just suck. i'm so tired ot almost winning things. damnit.

in other news: the sundance deadline looms. my goal is to have the film in the mail on wednesday. i plan to fedex it, hoping for it to arrive on thursday because the drop dead arrival deadline is friday.

i worked til 6:30pm tonight with the editor, refining the cut. yesterday, it was bloated, plodding two-hours-and-twenty-something minutes. today, it's much a leaner one-hour-forty-eight minutes. it's still longer than it should be for a comedy. i'd love for it to be ninety minutes, no longer than one-hour-forty-minutes. but at this point, any cuts would be rushed and we wouldn't have time to really consider them. so we're going to do a little tinkering tomorrow and probably lock picture (for now -- it's just the festival entry rough cut).

we also have to leave some time for sound work. we can submit with temp sound, but we need to fine tune some of it so it doesn't sound crappy. so there's still some real work to do. but i think we're going to make it, barring some catastrophic equipment failure or something.

of course, that's just to enter it. we still have to get selected. a long shot, at best. we have no stars to speak of, no names at all really, no connections, no budget, and it's a mock documentary. i don't think there are too many things working in our favor -- it's basically down to simply how good the film is. i hope it's good enough.


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