Tuesday, September 20, 2005


still trying to finish the film for sundance. we're very close to finishing the rough cut, but the film is going to go over two hours (how much over, i have no clue). but even two hours is too long. so the question is: do we lop off some scene that is funny but irrelevant to the plot (mindful of the fact that i only created the 'plot' to allow me to explore what these bizarre characters would do next)? or do i try, before the deadline, to do a major overhaul, re-arranging and trimming and massively cutting some scenes down to much shorter versions? or some combination of both?

Co-Writer questioned today whether it's worth the effort to enter sundance is the cut doesn't work. and i don't disagree. but i'm just not sure how much can get done between now and next wednesday.

a lot, i hope.

in other news, i had my phone interview tonight for that fellowship. an hour long phone conversation during which i (probably) rambled a lot about my 'art' and tried to connect their questions in some way to my work and experiences. it's hard -- sometimes the question is just something you never thought about, or never tried to articulate, and suddenly you have thirty seconds to think of an answer, talking to complete strangers (three of them) who you can barely hear because they're on a conference call, and none of whom you've ever met or spoken to before!

but, all in all, i was pleased with my performance, other than that little thing i get in these situations, where i pace (i always do this on the phone) and my heart races (beause i'm nervous) and i have to try to speak without sounding out of breath because of the heart-racing thing.

it was, in truth, more nerve-wracking to me than my last job interview (when i got this job). i guess with a day or two-day long job interview, you settle in and get comfortable, to a degree, after a while. but with a phone conversation, you never get that chance. it's just nerve-wracking the entire time.

but at least it's over quicker. and you don't have to go through airport security.


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