Thursday, August 25, 2005

First week of classes... over, and I survived. It feels like we're in week three or four already. I think I'm generally past the jitters I had when I arrived here last year. I'm not as uptight about walking into class and depending on my abilities to lead the students in a discussion. This is, in part, based on trusting my abilities, and the other part is that I just don't think the students are smart enough to know when I'm BS-ing while I process something and try to figure out what I'm going to say.

The film is, I hope, going well. The editor, a student (with some real talent as an editor, not so much for being on time to meetings or returning phone calls), says he will have a chunk to show me on Monday. I'm going to make my graduate postproduction students sync up all the digitally-recorded audio with the HD footage (we used a new digital recording system that didn't have timecode slaved to the camera, so we have to sync to the slate! I feel like I'm back in my film editing days from film school.

Only, you know, now I'm not the assistant editor having to sync up all the lousy footage from someone's bad student film.

Anyway, we're still shooting for Sundance's late deadline (September 30th) with at least a good rough cut. I'll know Monday afternoon if we're being realitic. We'll see.

What else is new... hm... I'm getting up every morning at 0-dark:30 because my daughter started school last week. So I take her and then go into the office, where I dawdle for a while til the coffee is ready and I can finish waking up. So I'm exhausted at night, but it does feel good to be on a semi-regular schedule again.

Damn, my blog is getting so boring. I have nothing interesting to say! Like you really want to read about what time I get up in the morning. Next thing you know I'll be chronicling how many bottles of water I drank and what I ate for lunch.

Eight and nothing, if you must know.

New (School) Year's Resolution: get something of a life, write about that.


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