Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Snow Day!

Actually, it's more like a delayed-ice-morning. Temperatures are going to be in their teens tomorrow morning, my eldest child's school opening is delayed two hours, and so I'm going to sleep in.

Real grading starts in earnest tomorrow -- scripts from my screenwriting students are due (and one or two were already slid under my door). So when I start my late morning, I'll be trying to get through those scripts and the final projects of my directing students. A few more days of this...

Meanwhile, I read on the Withoutabox member forums that several people have already been notified that they are 'in' a couple of fests from which I am still waiting to hear. So, not sure if I should start getting depressed, or just continue to wait anxiously. These things are often done in stages, or notifications takee several days. On the other hand, they might have taken several days already and I might be S.O.L...


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