Sunday, January 02, 2005

Long Time, No Post

Clearly I am not going to be posting a lot when school is not in session (not that I did so much when it was...) I found my desire to post diminished significantly because I was spending time with my family. I also rarely have quiet "alone" time when I am at home (multiple kids, no designated 'home office' space), so I didn't feel like my thoughts were clear.

They're not now either... but school starts back up in little more than a week, so I thought I'd get back on here. I'm of course not even near ready to start back, either emotionally or in terms of class prep... I have so much to do.

Situation with foul-mouthed student is still unresolved, as the holiday break interrupted chances to deal with it. I will speak with the student affairs people next week and see what they say.

I still feel tired -- I had hoped to feel rested. But it was good to have some 'settling in' time with my family, which we never got to have when we first moved here (I got to town weeks before classes started in the fall and never had time to get to know the area... it's all been 'on the go' since then).

I still don't know the roads and the best ways to get places, and I've lived here since August. That will come with time, but it would have been nice to have a few weeks to do it before I had to start working. Some colleagues in other departments told me they moved here in June! I didn't even get the job until mid-June, for various political reasons within the department (the position was originally to be a two-year visiting job, but my department insisted they needed a tenure-track line filled... this argument stretched out beyond the original hiring deadlines and into May)...

So, the holiday afforded me some time to relax with my family, get to know the area a little, and just feel more like this is our home now. It's just been such a crazy life since I got the job.

So, now it begins again. My wife is dreading me being out of the house so much (I work best in my office rather than home, due to aforementioned children). I am dreading the exhaustion, which no doubt will take less time to set in this semester since I'm still tired. But I am still happy to be here. Just wish I wasn't teaching SO many courses this term. I'm supposed to be on a 3/2 load, but they're not starting that til next year because they just don't have enough faculty to offer required courses this year. We have hired someone for next fall, so things will be normal again (well, mostly normal)...

Such a rambling post -- sorry. Will try to be more topic-oriented soon.


At 7:56 AM, Blogger AiE said...

No apologies necessary, good to have you back in blogland.

Filmmaker can empathize with your wife's feelings about you returning to work. I was pretty much MIA as a spouse when I taught.

The 3/2 load is something to look forward to, at least. I really hope that we'll find out before June if (when?) Filmmaker gets a teaching job. It's weird to have NO clue where the second half of 2005 is going to take us.

At 8:51 PM, Blogger TerminalMFA said...

Waiting on the whole job thing is a scary and annoying time. In the two years I was 'on the market,' I had four interviews and two offers (and one in which I finished in second place). The two offers came in different years. Obviously, I took the latter offer. I turned down the first one because the timing was way too tight (interviewed in the summer and they wanted me to be there in 2-3 weeks -- wasn't going to happen).

All that to say - it was tough wondering if we were going to take off or stay. I was only applying to schools I thought I wanted to go to -- so I didn't apply to a lot of places. We felt like we could just stay put if we wanted to (I had a non-teaching production position, albeit at a place I hated more with each passing year).


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