Monday, January 16, 2006

Festival Frustration

I am still waiting on word from many festivals, and of course I am confident we'll get into SOME festival at SOME point (I am, I suppose, MOSTLY confident of this).

But as I peruse the festival messageboards on Withoutabox, I frequently see messages from people, fellow festival-waiters like me, who say things like "I haven't heard anything, but they emailed me for a photo of the director. I'm taking that as a good sign."

Well, duh, of course it's a good sign.

I, on the other hand, have heard nothing from any festival. I am growing increasingly frustrated, anxious, and -- yes -- depressed. I keep asking myself: does this film suck? What have I done wrong?

I really do believe in the film, but it's hard to keep believing in the film with rejections (or implied rejections) coming at you at top speed.


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