Friday, February 10, 2006

Weekend Plans

My dear old dad turns 60 next week, so we're all travelling to my hometown for a surprise birthday celebration. He apparently has no idea... My mom has arranged flights for me and my family and for my brother and his family, plus friends to pick us up at the (big city) airport. Really looking forward to surprising my dad, and showing him (and other party guests) the tribute video I made...

When my family travels, it's hard to travel light. I have three kids, all under the age of 10. The smallest has yet to reach her second birthday. Getting us all on a plane is no easy task. I don't love air travel -- it's not the flying. It's the logistics. Getting to the airport, getting checked in, getting through security, getting on the plane. I don't like this stuff when it's just me.

Now imagine it with three kids. Whoa. I'm not sure how to occupy their time on a plane. My oldest will probably bring a book or two to read (she'll probably finish both before the flight is done -- [bragging mode] she's the top reader in her grade, according to "Accelerated Reader" points [/bragging mode]).

But the younger two will not be as much fun.

Did I mention we have to drive nearly two hours to get to a major airport out of which we can fly for a reasonable price? If we flew out of the local airport, we'd have to change planes in that city anyway, and THAT'S probably even more of a pain with the kids. At least with this flight, we don't have to change planes, and we'll be there after one two-hour flight.

So, I'll reconnect with the blog next week some time. Maybe I'll have good festival news soon. On the other hand, given the record so far, maybe not.


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