Tuesday, January 04, 2005


I'm not doing them this year. It's been too hectic, and I feel I've earned the right to just "be" this year, at least this semester. Daughter born earlier this year spent first couple of weeks of life in the hospital with an unexpected lung problem -- came pretty close (but not THAT close) to losing her. Very scary, took a lot out of us. Then as we were recovering from that, the job possibility came along out of the blue (invited to apply someplace I had previously interviewed and been rejected). I had a gut feeling it was gonna happen. And it did, so by June, we were preparing for a halfway-across-the-country move. I'm still tired.

But in the interest of a sort of to-do list:

  • teach three courses this semester (teach them well)
  • manage my time better and surf the internet less (I hate that expression) during the day
  • Make feature film this summer (that's a big check)
  • Figure out some 'service' opportunities that will look good in my tenure notebook
  • Learn how to put items on reserve at library (seems so simple, but things like this irk me because every place has its way of doing things, and it's like some byzantine code you have to decipher)
  • Enjoy the fact that I am teaching and getting to make a movie this summer.

    So there it is. They're not resolutions. Just some things I'd like to accomplish. Oh, and one more thing...

  • Actually write a new script this year. It's been WAY too long since I started a script from scratch and wrote it to completion. I'm starting to worry I may not be capable of doing it. I'm starting to wonder how I ever did it. I certainly didn't have three kids the last time I started and finished one.

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