Friday, April 01, 2005

Feeling Irregular

Okay, gross title -- sorry... I confessed I was terrible with titles...

I am speaking, though, about my blogging. Haven't had time to get on here and sift through thoughts to post anything coherent. And I have a busy morning, so maybe I'll get to this later.

In the meantime, here are some search terms that have brought people to An MFA *is* a Terminal Degree (they're not nearly as interesting as the ones I've seen on ProfGrrrl's site:

  • Terminal Degree, What is a Terminal Degree, Terminal Degree MFA, MFA Terminal Degree: Apparently, I'm becoming a vacation destination for people who don't know what a terminal degree is. FYI, it's the highest degree in a given field. Also FYI, it doesn't always have to be a PhD. That's the point of my site's title, in case you're curious.
  • mfa applicant blogs:Do MFA applicants have their own blogging categories now?
  • teaching screenwriting:I talk about this occasionally, so no surprise on this one.
  • terminal (2004) - movie script: I didn't write this movie, but I didn't think it was as bad as everyone said it was. And the script for it cannot be found at my site. But thanks for stopping by.
  • mise-en-scene shawshank: I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of my students. We are doing mise-en-scene presentations in class, and one of them just did Shawshank...
  • i'm good enough, i'm smart enough: This popped up last week, which I thought was kind of funny. Then a similar search brought someone else to me. Why are people searching this phrase, I wonder?
  • mfa and stupid: my all-time favorite so far. Yes, I often wonder how stupid it was to do an MFA... seeing as... well, you guys know the rant.


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