Friday, November 04, 2005


it's amazing to me how much more laid back this semester has been compared to the frenzied panic i felt all last year. here it is, a friday with a significant portion of the semester still to go, and i spent about 10 minutes reviewing class notes for next week and then just didn't feel like doing it anymore. so i stopped. i am prepared enough. i don't have to re-read it a thousand times. last year, i would have been memorizing and highlighting.

i admit, part of this is because this particular class underwhelms me. the students barely show any interest, and while i am trying to capture their attention, i am not going to spend hours and hours if they're not going to put in a minimal amount of work.

in other news, i unofficially locked picture this morning on my film. wow -- can't believe i just wrote that. i mean, i can always 'unlock' it if i choose, so it doesn't have a real burning sense of finality. but we needed to start cleaning up sound and adding sound effects and ambiance, and we needed to capture the HD clips to replace the down-converted video (and color correct the HD as we do). so with those processes needing to begin, and with time winding down on the semester, it feels a little more like a i am walking towards a finish line rather than sprinting across it.

but it still feels good.

now i just wish i had been able to send THIS cut to all those festivals i already entered (eight so far). it's much better, especially the beginning.


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